Work directions

The mission of the FOCUS-MEDIA Foundation is creating healthy, tolerant and prosperous communities through enlightening, educating and involving people and organizations in activities aimed at improving their living conditions and health. We provide people with the methods and instruments which help them to improve themselves and the world around them.

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1. Health Protection 

Goal # 1: To preserve and improve health of people in Russia and CIS counties through promotion of healthy lifestyle, protecting reproductive health, prevention of using psychoactive substances (drugs, alcohol, tobacco), HIV prevention.


  1. Creating and harmonization of methodic materials;
  2. Implementation of science-based and effective methods while actualizing preventing activities and interventions;
  3. Fostering a climate of confidence and solidarity in society;
  4. Fostering and promote responsible participation and behavior among citizens;
  5. Defending citizens’ rights of access to credible information on how to protect their health.

2. Social development and strengthening the civil society

Goal #2: To develop the civil society and improve the local communities’ life being through education, motivation and involvement in active social activities.


  1. Elaboration and implementation of training programs, distance learning courses for NGO, social workers, activists in NGO development area;
  2. Providing training programs with high-quality methodic materials and training manuals;
  3. Encouraging an exchange of experience, bringing new technologies and strengthen the collaboration between NGOs, government structures, business and mass media in the field of social development;
  4. Establishment of an enabling environment for strengthen tolerance and confidence in society;
  5. Motivation and supporting the volunteerism among citizens.

3. Foundation development

Goal #3: To create and maintain the image of steady and high professional structure through staff capacity perfecting, effective fundraising and successful communications with public groups.


  1. Gain greater finance stability through creating successful fundraising strategy and its implementation;
  2. Creating and implementation modern and effective PR-strategy (including presentation materials);
  3. Seeking opportunities and resources for HR developing programs;
  4. Creating an effective system of HR: how to motivate and how to appraise the staff;
  5. Creating and establishing criteria for measuring Foundation effectiveness (training programs impact etc);
  6. Becoming the innovation center for NGOs.

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