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Master Peace project – is the part of global peacekeeping movement and it joins young people, artists, musicians, journalists with the aim to create ant stabilize the Peace in the world. Through music, art, new media we initiate the dialog and cooperation of youth on the issues of social and cross-national problems.


Within the project the participants from Nord, South, East and West develop and implement the social activities with the aim to create and maintain peaceful atmosphere on the Earth – ecology, conflict resolution, peacekeeping educational programs, shaping the tolerant attitude to others cultures.


Music, dance, art, infographics, journalism, edutainment  - are the instruments of inspiring and involving.


We do believe:



Bread is more important then weapon.

Music is above war.

Creation is stronger then destruction.

Dialog instead of condemnation.



Master Peace movement is unique and universally for everyone, everyone can become a part of it, a person or an organization, which shares our values.


We move in 4 directions:

1)    International Day of Peace – the 21st September.

Every year we celebrate this Day and our goal is to inform all people in the world about this date and appreciate it by stopping the armed conflicts.

2)    Clubs of Master Peace  - grounds, which unite activists and volunteers for creation and realization of different social projects. 

3)    Master Peace traveling – it is the traveling of alchemist from the world known novel of Paulo Coelho, the “green” traveling through different countries and cities, the travellers explore different cultures and share their own, spread the ideas of peace and cooperation.  

4)    The Peace Day Support – on the 21st September, 2014 the biggest concert will take place in Istanbul to celebrate the International Peace Day. This event will join together all the peacekeepers from all over the globe; the artist from the countries in conflict will meet each other and share the same stage. A lot of activities have been organized to finance the concert and the goal is to collect 2014 of euro in 2014.



We live in the global world, share one Earth. We meet with different global problems – social development and ecology, misperception and neglection of other cultures, ethnic conflicts and wars. It is impossible to try settling the problems within a city, region or a country. All of these problems require complex approach and cooperation at the local and international level. 


Master Peace – is a movement of people who are sincere about these problems, who are open for cooperation and ready to deal with the global social challenges.


The world for us – is continuing and relentless acting.

Master Peace project provides activists from all over the world with opportunities for cooperation. Each activist can register on the site and start his or her own project.


The Internet platform can be helpful for advocates search, which are ready to co-work with you and volunteers search, which are ready to support your activities.



Thanks to a grant from RPO “Institute for civil society” (by an order of the President of Russian Federation of 3d May 2012 216-rp “About ensuring governmental support for non-profit non-government organizations involved in development of civil society institutions”) the project has been being implemented in Russia. 



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Our contacts

Public Health and Social Development Foundation "FOCUS-MEDIA"
16 Polessky proezd, building 1, 125367 Moscow,
Tel./Fax: (495) 276-11-23