Today, the concepts, like "healthy lifestyle" and "health", are not popular with young people in Russia. They just do not think that their health may have any problem.

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Dance4Life is a bright, dynamic, creative youth project encouraging young people to be involved in work on preventing HIV/AIDS. The purpose of the project is to foster involving young people and the civil society in general in combat against the HIV/AIDS epidemic, promoting the ideas of healthy lifestyle among youth, developing volunteer initiatives in this field. The main instruments of the project are music, dance and active interaction of youth inside the country and on the international level.

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Multimedia Journalism

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In 2009, the five-year GLOBUS (Global Efforts Against AIDS) project, which was aimed at stimulating an effective national strategy to combat HIV / AIDS in Russia, was over. 10 regions of the Russian Federation participated in the project.

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Small business

Development of Entrepreneurship and Self-Employment in the 4 North Caucasus Republics

  • Chechen Republic
  • Republic of Dagestan
  • Republic of North Ossetia (Alania)
  • Republic of Ingushetia

Students and NGOs

Community Intern Program - Involving Senior Students in NGOs’ Activity

The project is aimed at: involving young people in civic activity by providing opportunities for university students to improve their knowledge and skills in the development, implementation and evaluation of non-profit projects; providing young leaders with information on the current activities of local NGOs and involving them in socially significant projects of local non-profit organizations.
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  • St.Petersburg
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Our contacts

Public Health and Social Development Foundation "FOCUS-MEDIA"
16 Polessky proezd, building 1, 125367 Moscow,
Tel./Fax: (495) 276-11-23