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The experience of creating an online program for working with adolescents at the time of COVID-19 pandemic was presented at the session organized by UNESCO UNSTITUTE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES “Conversation with adolescents about health, relationships and love online. How everything has changed and what will happen next”, taking place at the XIV International Scientific and Practical Conference “A teenager at home in the megapolis”.

During the session, experts from different countries shared their experience in conducting classes, providing information and advice to adolescents on issues related to relationship and health, and discussed the following issues:

– How are the forms and content of classes with adolescents being changed when speaking about growing up, reproductive health, and safety during and after quarantine and self-isolation? – What lessons have been learned and what can be used in the future?

– How to talk with teenagers about sensitive topics in “zoom”?

– How to adapt adolescent counseling to online form and maintain confidentiality?

– What digital forms and approaches have been effective for counseling and delivering health and relationship classes online?

– How to raise the qualification of specialists, train peer consultants and trainers to work with adolescents in online and/or mixed format and keep them motivated?

The moderator was Tigran Yepoyan, Head of ICT and Health Education Department, UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education

The speakers of the session were:

– Yana Panfilova, Head of the Board of the Regional Association of Teenagers and Youth “Teenergizer”, Kiev;

– Ekaterina Artemenko, Project Manager and Polina Vescheva, network coordinator and international trainer of Dance4Life, FOCUS-MEDIA Foundation for Social Development and Health, Moscow;

– Sholpan Karzhaubaeva, Head of the Youth Health Resource Center, pediatrician, doctor of medical sciences, consultant of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), Almaty.