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Contest Regulation for participants working on the online platform MY CAREER


Competition-challenge “Disseminate Knowledge, not a Virus!” of the FOCUS-MEDIA Foundation is realized in the frames of the project “Extending Access to Employment of Vulnerable Youth in Russia” with the support of the City Foundation and the Presidential Grants Fund.

Because of the current epidemiological situation on the spread of COVID-19 in the world, the Public Health and Social Development Foundation FOCUS-MEDIA is focusing on online education. In particular, the Fund invites schoolchildren and students to take part in the Competition during enforced vacations in order to participate in free-on charge courses of 21-st century skills and increase the level of knowledge in the field of employment and building a career path on the online platform http://career4me.ru/

The competition is held from the 15th of April 2019 to the 15th of May, 2020.

Aims of the competition:

Competition guidelines:

  • the platform “My career” will be open to all participants for 30 days (a group without a teacher, but with homework)
  • students who have studied on My Career platform from September 2019 to April 2020 can become participants.
  • everyone can participate in the “Networker” nomination, regardless of whether they have studied on the “My Career” platform or not.
  • between April, 15 to May, 15 a participant must attract new participants to the http://career4me.ru/ platform in the Group without a teacher (Training groups – Groups for students – Group without a teacher) with a code word for recording in the group “Success” or to attract new participants to VK project group https://vk.com/career4me  creating posts and inviting other users of the network and friends to like and repost.
  • The competition is held in two categories: “Networker” and “My career”, the description of which is given in the section “Stages of the competition”.
  • A tool to monitor the groups created by the participants of the Competition will be introduced on the platform “My Career”.
  • Additional monitoring of VKontakte group will be carried out to see the ongoing activity of the competitiont participants.

The stages of competition

 A participant selects a nomination

Competition nominations:

Networker  – a participant who will attract the largest number of subscribers and readers to VK group https://vk.com/career4me

My career – nomination for the participants who will attract the largest number of new students to the platform (the number of registered and enrolled in the group).

Steps for participating in the “Networker” nomination

Create several posts for discussion on employment and professional growth issues of great current interest, which are studied on the platform “My career”. It can also be a personal professional success story. In publications, the use of photo or video materials is encouraged

All materials must be approved by the group administrator before publication. For this, materials must be sent to biosafetyru@gmail.com

After verification, the administrator places posts and informs the Participant about it.

After the post has been posted, the Participant needs to draw the attention of his friends and other users of VKontakte social network to it. To do this, Participants should invite friends to the VK group to vote on the post, participate in the discussion and share the publication.

The participant will receive a prise if:

  • Publication of a Participant received the largest number of “likes” and “reposts”.
  • A participant published the brightest and most interesting personal story of professional success, according to the jury.
  • The Participant’s publication in about current issues in the employment market, according to the jury.

Steps to participation in “My career” nomination

  1. A participant gathers a group of students from among friends, acquaintances, classmates who have not yet completed training on the My Career platform.
  2. A participant acquaints his students with the platform, helps to register on the platform, enroll in the Group without a teacher (the button on the main page – Groups for students, then again Group for students and select a Group without a teacher) and register in this group with the code word “success”.
  3. A participant draws up a list of members of his group, last name, first name, middle name and sends to the address: obarkalova@yandex.ru
  4. A participant helps his mates to get training on the platform for all courses from April, 15 to May, 15.

The participant will receive a prize if:

  •  The largest number of group students completed training on the platform.
  • The main prize goes to the Participant, in which group according to the results of the training will be the largest number of honor students (students who received a certificate with the honor at the end of the training).

Competition Jury and Rewarding

The competition jury includes project trainers and experts Irina Steba and Victoria Kopeikina, and the project manager Oksana Barkalova as well as regional coordinators.

Prizes are awarded by decision of the jury based on the results of the participants’ evaluation in two nominations and in three degrees which will be sent to the winners.

The prizes will be:

  • Sports bottle
  • External battery (offline charger for the phone)
  • Headphones
  • Waist bag
  • Backpack
  • Wireless speaker
  • Fitness bracelet