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Public Health and Social Development Foundation FOCUS-MEDIA announced the winners of career building competition.

Moscow, May, 19

Public Health and Social Development Foundation FOCUS-MEDIA
summed up the results of the online competition “Disseminate knowledge, not a virus!” that was held on social networks from the 15th of April to the 15th of May 2020.

Because of the pandemic, many students had to isolate, for them not to be bored in quarantine, we invited everyone to become a real leader, find like-minded people, make a team and join our exciting contest on My Career platform,” said Oksana Barkalova, the Deputy Director of FOCUS-MEDIA.

Especially for the competition, the FOCUS-MEDIA Foundation additionally opened access to  My Career educational platform http://career4me.ru for 30 days, from the 15th of April to the 15th of May for students who want to develop skills in employment and build their own individual career path. In total, almost 1350 participants from five regions of Russia registered on the platform, and were able to take part in the competition. Participants published posts on social networks and shared their success stories.

We are pleased to announce that the winner of our competition was Kyril Silin, a student at the Frolovsky Industrial and Economic College of Public Educational Establishment of Higher Professional Education. He took the first place in the number of likes. Kyril demonstrated leadership skills being able to make a team and lead the guys to new knowledge about building a career. Orlana Ertine (Ural College of Business, Management and Beauty Technologies) and Arina Loskutova (Urensky Industrial and Energy College) shared the second and third places,” said the Deputy Director of FOCUS-MEDIA.

The post of the competition’s winner Kyril Silin on VKontakte, scored a record of 666 likes. “In the fall of 2019, my teacher invited me to get training on the career4me website. The training was oganised remotely, we were asked to perform not very difficult tasks, and also held the useful and fascinating webinars. At the beginning of training, I was a little lazy and did not understand why I needed all this, but then I “got involved”, so to speak, and began to raise my score. As a result, I completed my studies and received a distinguished certificate. And now I have recruited my own group and went together through training on this site.” (spelling and punctuation of the author saved)

Also the prizes will be awarded to 11 participants more, the most successful and talented students, who particiated in the contest: Anya Gordeeva, Polina Zyryanova, Maria Gumenyak, Artem Kholmatov, Yan Poptsov, Dmitry Lebedev, Anastasia Krasilnikova, Sabina Namazova, Anastasia Fazleeva, Nadezhda Shevchenko, Ivan Aksenov. Congratulations to all the winners. We hope this will become a successful launching in building a career and personal development trajectory for each of our participant, said Oksana Barkalova.

REFERENCE: The My Career program http://career4me.ru promotes career guidance for schoolchildren and students, employment and career development for vulnerable youth. More than 13.5 thousand people from 6 regions have already completed training on the My Career platform, about 50% of them were employed or received their first experience of temporary work during internships.

The  Foundation’s second program aimed at maintaining the health and potential development of youth “Journey for Life” annually covers up to five thousand people, trains and supports the work of the Champions for Life teams in eight regions of Russia.

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