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FOCUS-MEDIA Foundation continues project implementation

Despite the limitations connected with COVID19 epidemiological situation FOCUS-MEDIA continues realization of the Project “Comprehensive support to sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and social wellbeing of vulnerable adolescents” with support of the European Commission.

At the moment the main focus of the Project is aimed at training staff of 9 Russian partner NGOs in methods and approaches for introducing comprehensive youth development programme in the sphere of job placement, preserving reproductive health and personal development. Giving the situation the trainings planned for April and May were not delivered; however, FOCUS-MEDIA staff elaborated a distant learning course delivered through the on-line platform zoom.us. The course consists of a series of webinars on each of the three directions: My Career Programme, Journey4Life Programme and Community Based Participation Research Programme.

Six two-hour on-line conferences on the above topics were already delivered for 18-22 participants from the Project regions. Participants of the Community Based Participation Research Programme also get an access to the on-line platform https://www.healthefoundation.eu/portal/coursedetails that is designed for distant training in basic principles of organizing and conducting research. After concluding the training course the NGO partners will apply fully developed proposals for performing research of their chosen target groups using both qualitative and quantitative research methods.

The most interesting and worked out projects willget funding for conducting research and present the results.