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Champions4Life team was trained in Ekaterinburg on September, 19-29.

14 young people became Champions. These days were filled with energy and emotions! Informative discussions, new interesting information about how to preserve and strengthen your reproductive health, reflections on your life, relationship, and your place in society – this was their journey. During the last 2 days the guys practiced their training skills and showed what they have learned.

As part of the training the Champions met with a person living with HIV, who shared his personal story and told the guys about HIV infection. This meeting influenced the participants. They became more interested in the problem and tolerant to people living with HIV. As a result they began to take better care of their own health. Now the guys are looking forward to the information meeting on HIV.

 Feedback from Champions4Life who partisipated in the training:

“Before this project, I avoided people living with HIV. Now I understand that they are people just like me. ”

“It was always difficult for me to go out in public, but thanks to the atmosphere created here, it was easy for me to open up, and now I am not afraid to do it.”

“I learned to answer my own questions.”

 “To be honest, I haven’t thought about using a condom. But after completing the program, I began to understand that this was a risky way to my health. Now I know that this will help to protect me from unwanted pregnancies and STI transmission. I am more prepared and can honestly say that I will use a condom.”

“I realized that mistakes are an experience, I have started to enjoy them. I realized that I must forgive myself, and listen to myself. ”

We wish good luck to our Champions and new incredible Journey4Life!