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A new programme “Journey for Life” was launched on the basis of the Center for Social Rehabilitation on the 20th of February. This program is conducted by Champions (residents of the center who have undergone training). The Journey for Life program is a fascinating program aiming to develop individuality of young people.

“Journey for Life” can make a significant shift in changing the behavior of young people and as a result positively affect recovery and motivate for a longer remission after the rehabilitation process. It consists of five stages and embraces three main themes: “ME”, “ME and YOU”, “I and SOCIETY”.

“ME” is focused on building self-confidence and self-esteem. This stage aims to develop the skills of self-awareness and perception. It also addresses the issues of decision-making, the feeling of one’s body and its integrity, health and well-being.

“ME and YOU” – focuses on relationships with peers and the formation the attitude to gender equality. At this stage, the program makes a shift from individuality to relationships and their significance to young people. Such issues as: my role in relationships with friends, family, boys / girls”, harassment and bullying, pressure from peers, self-affirmation are considered.

“ME and SOCIETY” focuses on a critical assessment of social norms. Young people get to know the society where they live and evaluate it critically. This process stimulates awareness of do’s and don’ts, values ​​and beliefs.

In total there will be 10 meetings, 1.5 hour each.

The events were held within the framework of the project “Dissemination of best practices in providing services to HIV / AIDS key groups among young people” with the support of AIDS FUND VOSTOK-WEST and in partnership with the STEP Charitable Foundation.