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In December 2020 we launched our online platform www.womanplus.info. It is a service for women living with HIV, providing an opportunity to get advice from different specialists and find answers to their questions of concern, get support and learn a lot of new and useful things.

Initially, the team was represented by the following specialists:

  • Olesya Polikarpova – obstetrician-gynaecologist;
  • Guzeyeva Elena Vladimirovna – psychologist;
  • Olga Kuzmicheva – peer counsellor;
  • Tarasova Alena Vladimirovna – peer counsellor;
  • Alexandra Dmitrievna Ramusheva – infectious disease doctor


Since the launch of the platform, the team of specialists advising on the womanplus.info platform has become larger and more diverse.

Due to frequent legal enquiries Olga Makhova, a lawyer has joined the team. Olga is ready to provide advice on the following topics:

  • legal aspects in health issues:
  • migration issues related to HIV infection: obtaining temporary residence permits, residence permits;
  • administrative and criminal issues;
  • provision of HIV treatment to Russian citizens and migrants;
  • providing treatment in places of detention;
  • civil legal issues, etc.


In addition, consultations with infectious disease specialists and gynecologists were in greatest demand. In this regard, two new specialists were invited to join the team:

Ekaterina Grigorievna Fisenko, a doctor of the highest category, the head of the outpatient department of the Rostov Oblast State Budgetary Institution ‘Centre for AIDS Prevention and Control’.

Gulnar Gabil gizi Vahidova, an obstetrician-gynecologist at the Regional AIDS Centre in Nizhny Novgorod.

On International Children’s Day, Roman Polikarpov, a pediatrician, joined the platform.

For a woman who has recently given birth to a baby, many things are new and unknown, and a lot of questions and worries arise. She wants to do everything right, to protect her child, to help, to take care. A woman living with HIV has specific questions: What to do if the child doesn’t swallow the syrup? I think it’s not good for him, what should I do? Does the syrup make him sick to his stomach? and many others.

You can find out more about each specialist on the platform, under “Get a consultation” https://womanplus.info. This is an online service where women living with HIV can get anonymous and free online counseling from friendly doctors, psychologists, lawyers and peer counsellors. The platform was developed as part of the project ‘Supporting activism and protecting the rights of HIV-positive women in the Russian Federation’.