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Now, with the help of My Career platform, students learn and go on a journey!

“Peer” mentors from colleges help the project participants to better understand the process of employment, get ready to take the courses on the career4me.ru platform and get the maximum result: be 100% ready for successful employment in a suitable job!

The first trainings for mentors Journey “My Career” have already taken place in Nizhny Novgorod at Nizhny Novgorod Industrial College and in Yekaterinburg at the Transport Construction College, and yet another one has just finished at the Volzhsky Polytechnic College (Volzhsky, Volgograd Region). The full five-day training program included personal growth and public speaking skills, team building exercises and a lot of useful and interesting things for future leaders of the student community. “I studied all the courses on My Career platform’, says 1st year student Ekaterina Marina, “and now I understand how important it is to be able to represent yourself and your skills to a future employer. I would like to become a mentor for future students of our college to introduce them to career4me.ru platform so that from the very first year they begin to think about their future rather than wasting their time.

Vorobyov Danil, a 4th year student became a mentor because he is interested in teamwork and the opportunities that the platform provides: “I do understand how to write my CV, what skills will be needed to build a career and what I still have to learn. Having become a mentor, I am ready to share my experience and inspire my classmates to act”.

On the last day of the training, the mentors were divided into groups and made presentations to the students of the college. The guys presented the program “My Career”, its online platform and invited them to study on it.