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FOCUS-MEDIA Foundation, with the financial support of the Prevention Treatment, and Healthy Lifestyle Promotion “AIDS East-West Foundation” has launched a new project “Dissemination of best practices in providing HIV / AIDS services to key groups among youth “. on the 1st of July, 2020.

The regional partner of the project is a Charitable Foundation STEP.

The project will cover young people 14 – 24 years old, students of schools and colleges in Nizhny Novgorod, Pavlovo, Dzerzhinsk and Bor. The project will also be implemented in two rehabilitation centers for drug abusers in Nizhny Novgorod.

FOCUS-MEDIA Foundation specialists adapted the international approach to HIV / AIDS prevention among young people:

  • first of all risk factors in the region will be assessed;
  • a prevention program based on the research results will be developed with a psychologist and peer counselors’ participation;
  • at the third stage the effectiveness of the program will be assessed, which will allow to finalize it with the consideration of regional and other characteristics of the target group.

Strategic planning for the regional partner Charitable Foundation STEP was done on July 21-22. The mission of the organization was developed, weak and strong points, threats and opportunities were considered, and strategic directions were specified during the meeting.

On July 23 three project partners met for a working meeting aimed to develop a monitoring and evaluation plan. Monitoring and evaluation methods, project contractors, and timeframe were identified during the meeting.

The project is supported by the Flex Foundation and is part of the Fill the Gaps program.