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On August 18-22, 2021 in Yekaterinburg, additional training for Champions was held.

The training was attended by 15 people who had passed the 3-stage selection system (questionnaire, video CVs, interview). Some of the young people have previously undergone the Journey for Life Programme, while others have participated at My Career programme conducted in the framework of the Comprehensive Support Programme for Vulnerable Youth project implemented by FOCUS-MEDIA Foundation.

Two First Wave Champions, trained in 2020, took part in the programme as mentors for the new team. The training took place outside of the city, the participants could focus on the group and the training process, and were able to unite and become a team.

The training programme is designed for young leaders who will become Journey for Life leaders, called Champions.


Participants noted a nonstandard approach to information presented. They realized that they could answer their own questions about making decisions about their lives and became more confident. The participants noted that they could apply new information in practice. They considered the program should be conducted with their peers, since young people have no one to ask questions and often make poor decisions that change their lives for the worst.

The training in Sverdlovsk Region is over, which means that our big Dance4Life family has been enlarged with new Champions4Life. Champion4Life title of honour is international and confirms

that its holder has successfully completed the training and contributed to the promotion of healthy lifestyles and prevention of socially caused diseases among the peers.

Congratulations to the new Sverdlovsk Region Champions!