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Yekaterinburg has already hosted the second training for mentors of the “My Career Journey” program – 17 more young people have become guides to the world of career building for their peers!

Our excellent coaches, Irina Steba and Stas Myrov, trained, supported and accompanied the guys on the “Journey” from September 21 to 25, including on the “My Career” platform. In the first three days, the participants mastered all the theoretical and practical elements and exercises of the program, and on the fourth day, divided into two teams, went out to real groups of students and tried to hold the first meeting of the program “My Career Journey”

The fifth day was dedicated to working on the My Career remote platform. The participants got acquainted with the content of the platform’s courses, with the procedure for completing homework, and studied the technical capabilities of the platform. Also, together with the participants, we discussed the process of introducing distance learning into the Journey My Career program.

The guys noted a non-standard approach to submitting information, realized that they themselves could answer questions concerning decision-making about their professional future. According to them, the training allowed them to realize their desires and capabilities, inspired them, charged them with positive energy and faith in success.

Contrary to their fears, joining a real group was a bright and positive experience for them. The students were active and took part in the proposed activities with pleasure. After the meetings, many people were interested in when the next lesson would be. According to the participants, this format of work is unusual for them, but all the topics they discuss here are very relevant and important.

We wish success to our new mentors!!!