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On September 7, an excursion for high school students of the 26th school of St. Petersburg to the Schneider Electric plant took place. The Schneider Electric is a world expert in electric power management and industrial automation and its plant “SHAZEM” (“Schneider Electric Plant ElektroMonoblok”) is a leading enterprise of the Leningrad region. It is organized on the principle of a “smart factory” and produces a wide range of high–tech products – circuit breakers, controllers, complete switchgear and relay protection devices. They are used in the automotive, oil and gas, metallurgical, food industry and many others.

Our participants, students of grades 8-11, were warmly welcomed by representatives of the plant and ITMO University. Students and teachers were struck by how each process is optimized in production – from working on equipment to eco-friendly waste disposal. The staff consists of seventy people, including managers, logisticians and employees of the production line. The space is designed so that workers spend less time moving, thereby increasing productivity. Equipment with built-in artificial intelligence monitors the correct algorithm for assembling parts, as well as the safety of all processes. The company feels the true spirit of a unified team, each employee is involved in the overall success. The company constantly analyzes its activities and strives to improve every process in production. Schneider Electric develops many innovative solutions together with employees and graduate students of ITMO University, who also took part in our event.

Presentations were conducted by:

· Alexander Kirsanov, Head of the Department of Industrial Processes and Equipment Maintenance (started his career at Schneider Electric as an adjuster!)

· Mikhail Kolesnikov, ITMO graduate student

· Kirill Kipriyanov, ITMO teacher

We thank our partners Schneider Electric and ITMO University for an informative and very interesting event! The participants of the excursion got a lot of ideas for creating their own project within the framework of the program “STEM education – the path to progress”.

Our photo report: