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On October 15, the project supported by the V. Potanin Charitable Foundation ended. Within the framework of the project, it was possible to accomplish something very important for the FOCUS MEDIA Foundation and for the network of partner NGOs: to adapt the Journey for Life program into an online format. And now the project regions have been trained in a new tool for working in the onLIFE online program.
The pilot of the program was tested on young people and showed that the implementation of the onLIFE program in the field of reproductive health among students is sufficiently effective and can be used both in the case of the introduction of various kinds of restrictions on face-to-face events, and in cases where it is necessary to involve hard-to-reach target groups.

Thanks to the analogue of the face-to-face program, young people (as well as young people in areas remote from administrative centers) have access to reliable information about maintaining reproductive health, interpersonal interaction skills, conflict resolution during self-isolation.

Thank you for your help in creating the program of regional coordinators and Champions of the Dance4Life project!

Also, within the framework of the project, we had the opportunity to get acquainted with tools that facilitate work in situations of stress and anxiety, develop ways to overcome various difficulties and identify opportunities that employees have to support colleagues and network partners. And the Foundation’s team managed to attend various training seminars on working with digital tools, crisis management, public speaking, project evaluation, learn a lot of new things and use this knowledge in their project activities.

Now we are charged for further work and are planning:

  • when joining the network of new partners, conduct training not only in the full-time version of the program, but also in the program adapted to the online format;
  • supplement other Foundation projects with an online format;
  • continue to produce digital products in the field of health care.

The project was implemented by the winner of the contest “Common Cause” of the charity program “Efficient Philanthropy” of the Vladimir Potanin Charitable Foundation.