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For the second time training for young leaders was held in Nizhny Novgorod as part of the Journey My Career program. This time it was attended by 34 new mentors. This was the largest number of participants comparing to other program regions. The mentors trained in the spring have already had interested their peers and teachers in the program, that is why they were so many this time.

The training was organized from October 4 to 8. It was not an ordinary training process, all days were informative, intensive, and interesting. The participants say that all exercises can be used not only within the framework of the given program, but also in other work with groups.

All five days the future mentors were taught and supported by wonderful trainers Irina Steba and Alik Kemalov. The first three days the participants worked on such topics as “I am a Specialist”, “Me and the Team”, “Me and My Career” and also prepared for meetings with real students, while the 4th and 5th days working with a group was practiced.

In spite of some problems and administrative issues, which had to be promptly resolved, the training was definitely a success.

Here is the feedback from the participants:

“I liked the structure of the training, interesting games/exercises, a lot of new and necessary information that can really be helpful. It was a great time. Thank you very much.”

Adelina Leontieva.

“I liked the tactics of “My Career” training – exercises in form of a game. Without any lectures and writing the material was absorbed by 1000%! You are doing a great job, thank you for this opportunity to take the course. For me it was a step into the unknown, which I am very happy with.  Nothing much to add, except that I wish I had spent more time with you.”

Veronica Amozova