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The project “STEM Education – the path to progress” is aimed at increasing the competitiveness of young students for subsequent employment through their involvement in project activities, as well as interaction with potential employers. As part of this interaction, the FOCUS MEDIA Foundation organized a series of webinars on successful career building “The Path to Progress” for schoolchildren and college students.

We held the first webinar on October 7 in partnership with Schneider Electric. Recruiter from Schneider Electric Ksenia Stukalova told how to make a resume so as to attract the attention of the employer, as well as what competencies should be developed already at school in order to successfully pass any interview. Natalia Deyanova, Vice President for Marketing Communications and Digital Customer Experience at Schneider Electric in Russia and the CIS, shared her career development history within the company, and also spoke about trends that young talents should pay attention to in matters of professional development.

The second webinar was held on October 12 in partnership with Sveza and Caterpillar. Anastasia Pozharskaya, Head of the Organizational Development and Personnel Department at Sveza, told how to prepare for a dream job in advance, and also revealed a set of key skills for a successful career start. Caterpillar process engineer Pavel Goncharov spoke about his career search and development within the organization. Caterpillar HR Manager Natalia Volodicheva shared the strategy of successful employment and talked about how to properly look for a job and pass interviews.

In total, more than 600 schoolchildren and college students from 6 Russian regions watched the webinar: St. Petersburg, Leningrad, Volgograd, Nizhny Novgorod, Sverdlovsk and Moscow regions.

Here is one of the reviews about the webinar from a student of the Zavolzhsky Automotive Technical School: “I heard about Schneider Electric for the first time and at first I did not understand why I needed all this, it has nothing to do with my specialty. But the recruiter of the company began to tell me so interesting that I was very interested, and I listened to everything very carefully, and it seems that I absorbed every word like a sponge. I have noted for myself a few “chips” that I will definitely try to apply. And when they talked about the top 10 competencies, I even asked to make a screenshot, because, indeed, everything that I used and said before is already banal and “worn out”, and this is new and characterizes me. Thank you for such webinars!”