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On October 4-5, secondary education teachers of the Nizhny Novgorod region gathered for a training session on working with the My Career platform. 24 people from different districts of the Nizhny Novgorod region took part in the training “Interactive technologies for the development of employment skills of college students”.

The teachers not only gained new theoretical knowledge, but also learned practical skills of working on the online platform: they learned what the My Career platform is, how to register on it, what knowledge and skills can be mastered by going through all the topics. Teachers discussed why online learning is becoming more and more popular. At the beginning of the training, a negative attitude towards distance learning was noted, the participants named more minuses than pluses, but as a result of the work they managed to prove that it is convenient, comfortable, useful.

The training workshop implies that the participants do not sit at the desk or at the computer all the time. Nizhny Novgorod teachers worked in groups, participated in brainstorming, exchanged knowledge with each other with great enthusiasm. Of particular interest was the task of communication about a pharmaceutical company.

The participants of the training offered to hold such events in educational institutions with students and teachers, to organize more trainings with new “games and exercises”. According to them, it is very useful for further pedagogical activity, and such events help to “reboot”.